ant and limitations

The ANT: Helping YOU Break Through Limits

I was so grateful to three little ants that taught myself and my family an important lesson.

Hypothesis:  Can an ant teach a life lesson on barriers and limiting thoughts?


(Disclaimer: No Ants were harmed in the filming of this movie)

Well we have a yard full of little ants to test this little experiment and it soon turned into a full-fledged case study with my two girls.  Our initial little friend moved freely on a white piece of paper.  We then used a black marker to draw a circle around the insect creating a barrier around him. The ant would move up to the line having trouble moving past limits that had been created for him. This next part is what was so amazing and what I thought was so interesting.  Once that ant figured out that his black prison was just a mirage it quickly broke through what was limiting him.  So we tried it again… Second ant, same result.  First trapped and then the moment it realized the limitation was a figment of its imagination it moved passed imprisonment to freedom.  A third time we completed this little experiment.  This time I filmed this display while Miss H conducted our research.

The third ant once again scurried across the crisp white page.  We drew the first circle around this little guy.  He would test and move toward the line but became limited and afraid to move beyond the wall in front of him. This happened for several seconds. Then he pushed passed that first barrier and it was game over.  Miss H could hardly draw a circle before this little friend would blast through the line; moving past one circle, one barrier and one limitation after the other.

Why is this so stinking exciting might you ask?

Well, it has to do with one of the master keys that I have so readily enveloped and embraced in my life as part of The Master Key Experience and NOW I’ve been able to share it with my children! One of the keys to achievement, success and victory in any situation is mastering…no SMASHING limitations that we think are present in our lives.

Just like those ants the only limitations that exist are those we create in our mind.

It makes me think of one of my favorite quotes from The Master Key System by Charles Haanel,

“There is a world within-The world of thought and feeling and power; of light and life and beauty; and although invisible, Its forces are mighty!”

The world inside us is immense; it can allow us to smash, crush, break through the confines that we ourselves or others draw around us or we can allow them to define us, trap us, imprison us.

This principle is universal for all ages and walks of life. The challenge here is to apply it ourselves and then share it with others.

Had the opportunity to discuss this with Miss H and give her this scenario to apply in her life and world today; to see the light and twinkle in her eye as she realized that any obstacles or limits that she has felt can be shattered, eliminated.  She’ll be sharing this story on her new Youtube Channel The Unicorn Lemonade Stand so watch for that!

3 Tips to Help Break Through:

Daily Meditation and Visualization:

Even if it is just for a few minutes.  Find a quiet spot daily.  For me it’s first thing in the morning before my kids get out of bed. The house is quiet and it is a great time to connect to my Heavenly Father.  This time helps me remember and get associated with the person that I know He KNOWS I am. I notice the more consistent I am with this time…sitting still, visualizing the goals, the breakthroughs…the more vivid they become and imagine this…the BETTER I become at doing it!

Live by Faith, Live by Principle:

Whether it is God, Buddha, Nature or the Universe there is help and resources at your fingertips.  Someone higher up believes in YOU, so believe it when there is great plan for you personally.  Keep the Faith…again the 7 Day Mental Diet I offer for FREE is a great place to start to change the negative mindset or the worrier or mindset or the inadequate mindset etc and begin to realize that what we focus on grows in our lives…so feed the right fire!

Act Now:

A wise man once said, “faith without works is dead”.  You can’t just day dream about breaking all these barriers and then never do anything about it.  Take small steps daily to start creating a weekly, monthly, and annual plan of action that will give you the confidence to go out and get over the walls, escape the traps and live a life of purpose. The Master Key Experience gave me amazing insight into this skillset.

I know… how can I pull all of this out of less than 45 seconds of watching an ant scurry around on a piece of paper?  Well, you can…because what we focus on expands! Want to change what expands and grows in your life? Want to break through barriers and move past what seemed like a limitation?  Thing of the past!  Check out the 7 day mental diet on the right up there and see what it can do for you!


Things Aren’t Always What They Seem!


We sit down to eat at a table at a local restaurant as a family for lunch before running miss H to Kindergarten. There is a happy chaos around us, the kind that makes one beam as you watch your posterity in front of you; you are all together, happy but crazy, yet completely satisfied with that craziness.  Quickly the food is distributed and we continued to enjoy one another’s company for several more minutes.  There are two senior women sitting at the table next to us.  Quite enthralled with the site that was before them.  They kept giggling as word blurbs kept coming from our table.

“Stop trying to put that grape in your sister’s eye.”

                “Will you please stop drinking your water like a dog?”

                                    “Four on the floor or you’ll have the opportunity to not have a chair at all.”

“Your fork is not a sword.”

I’m sure at least a small part of these women were longing to have maybe their own posterity back again so close in proximity and then a quick bonk on the head helping them realize it was much more fun watching this scene from a distance as an onlooker then really being back in the trenches.

It was a miracle but we were able to finish our meal in about 30 minutes with no causalities. My husband and I got up to clear our table, then no sooner did I feel like I had a giant bullseye on my backside.  My family was very quick to let me know that I had sat on something white which no glistened and beamed on the surface of my black workout pants. I was thankful for the great attention on my behalf.

The Hubby was on it in a flash quickly trying to rub and clean my derriere off with his hand.  Now mind you we are still sitting in very close, probably too close, to these two wonderful senior women that had been watching our lunch outing as a family like an art exhibit. They had focused on something else for a brief moment and come back to seeing my husband palming at my rump. Of course it wouldn’t come off so naturally he had to get a napkin wet and go at it from a different angle, with a different type of fervor and intensity! These two women became very interested in what was going on just inches from my black and white caboose.  I turned to the two women with confidence and a smidgen of vulnerability,

“I promise it isn’t what it seems.”

The hubby stated with 100% confidence, “I’m quite enjoying myself thank you.” Such a man of few yet very pronounced words.

The two women now had four giant saucers staring back at me and they started to giggle as if they were laughing at something somewhat inappropriate.

With more zeal I responded,

“Yes because I’m sure my husband is totally trying to get fresh with me right now.”

Now the belly laughs rolled in and I just hope that we didn’t cause one or both of those two women to have a heart attack shortly after we left.

“Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what was carefully hidden.” –Plato

The beauty of this story is that it may or may not take on a different meaning for many. That is the beauty of this life and each of our individual journeys. I’ve pondered this small scenario many times over and I most definitely may not be the only one…. J

Many may be deceived but it is the intelligence, the open mindedness of another that observes and therefore perceives to see the details. There is an old saying, “A parachute is a lot like the mind. It works a lot better when it is open.

I have found in my life that it can be very easy to be closed minded about ourselves and others. I believe that this is a way for us as a human race to live at a lower level…a primitive, natural or basic way of thinking and breathing a way that may seem safe but in reality it limits our ability to thrive. There is a level where I believe our Divine Maker created us to think, ponder and perceive. It’s a place where we can show what’s on the inside and not care what others perceive of us and on the flip side a place where we observe and not judge and we can animate, perceive in greater detail the authentic and truth.

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Week 24: Omnipotent Power

 Just want to share this amazing blog.  This is my friend Cindy and we’ve become such fabulous kindred spirits and I have loved sharing in part of her journey in the MKMMA experience.  It’s changing lives people!

xDrAUUJ says: omnipotent (adjective) having unlimited power; able to do anything. (noun) GOD

Many of the things I’ve learned from Master Key Master Mind Alliance Course is omnipotence. I never thought about omnipotence before. I do now. It makes sense.

If I recognize the Omnipotent power that is the source of all supply I adjust my consciousness to this supply in such a way that it constantly attract all that is necessary to itself and I shall find that the more I give the more I get.  Giving in this sense implies service.

The banker gives his money, the merchant gives his goods, the author gives his thought, the workman gives his skill, ALL have something to give but the more They can give, the more they get, and the more they get the more are enabled to give.

Today, I give a lot! Today, I get a lot!


I always KEEP my promise!

Mahalo and much love Cindy!

Week 22a-A Day of At Least 13 Miracles

It seemed that the day could not get any better. Blue sky, warm bright sun; the snow so white a great day for spring skiing. With the entire family-it was euphoric being up there with both my kids and my husband enjoying this amazing landscape located practically in our backyard. All miracles…I remember thinking, this day is just perfect!  Several times in my head….little did I know that, that knowledge would be tested. IMG_20160220_172955 Second to last run down the mountain I’m unzipping my jacket pocket to grab my phone to capture another precious memory of my two daughters and then the worst feeling ever. I’ve got a hunch many of you might know the feeling…my phone was gone.  I knew immediately where it had happened on the previous run.

Miracle #1: I had the prompting and encouragement from my sweet husband to grab my phone to take just one last picture of the day…otherwise I probably would have made it all the way back home without realizing it was gone.

Miracle #2: The opportunity to share in a sweet, simple yet sincere prayer with my family on a ski lift in the middle of a mountain side.

So we proceeded up the ski lift quickly getting off. My husband and youngest daughter making their way to our vehicle while my oldest daughter and I making our way down the mountain to see if we could find my white phone amongst the feet of glistening snow, yes white!

“Don’t worry mom we’ll find it.” I replied, “I know we will sweetie, I don’t know how but we’ll find it.”

Miracle # 3: I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that I KNEW that I would find out…I didn’t know how and I didn’t know when…it could be till the next day or several days before someone would find it but I knew because I know that if we live a life of miracles, seeing miracles, being miracles for ourselves and for others that we then will receive more miracles! I also knew that my daughter knew that. (Miracle #4)

I continually kept praying, kept the faith that I would find my phone. My daughter and I got about half way down the run…to the exact spot where I thought I had lost my phone and about 20 feet in front of me was a glimmering little light that was reflecting off of last few minutes of sunlight for the day.

I thought, “Could it be that easy? My phone sitting literally in the exact spot I thought I left it?”

As I got closer I realized that it was not my phone BUT someone else’s (Miracle #5) it will make more sense later….

So we got to the bottom of the mountain and asked the lift workers if they had found a white phone. NO luck so my daughter and I made our way to the lost and found.  Her stiff ski boots were having a hard time keeping up with my more flexible snowboarding boots.  Several times I felt like I was dragging her, “Mom, wait up!”  “Okay take another breathe” I told myself…”say another prayer in your heart…YOU know you are going to find this phone so why do you have to hurry so quickly?”

I slowed my giant stride down and we made our way to the lost in found in hopes that maybe someone else found my phone and to also turn in the phone I found.  To no avail my phone was not there.  So turned in the other phone and we made our way back outside.

Miracles #6 and #7:  Two complete strangers let me borrow their phones so that I could call my husband to see if anyone had called him with my phone and secondly to meet up with him to drop my daughter off and our gear.

The ski lifts were shut down and the ski patrol had swept the areas for straggling people coming down the mountain and any dropped equipment.  I dropped my oldest daughter off to my husband and made my way back up the mountain to hike it on foot.


Miracle #8: A healthy body that would take me up this mountain in full-on helmet, jacket, snow pants and boots.

I made my way trekking up the mountain when about 50 feet in front of me 2 straggling skiers coming down towards me. Now keep in mind I am watching this entire exchange take place up ahead of me.  One skier, younger, crashed; was coming up off of his knees when he picks something up off the ground. Waiving ahead to whom I soon found out was his father, he was holding what looked like a white phone.  The father stuck it in his jacket pocket.

With my hands cupped over my mouth I yelled, “Did you just find a phone?”

The man made his way towards me and again I asked, “Did you find a phone?” “Yes,” he replied.

He pulled a phone out of his pocket and it was mine!

The father responded, “I am so glad he crashed otherwise I don’t think he would have seen it” (miracle #9)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.” I continued to repeat.

Turned around and made my way back down the mountain, trying to do a quick once-over my phone noticing a large gash in the gel cover of my phone where someone must have skied over it while it was face down in the snow making it almost impossible to find.   Hoping it still worked I called my husband to tell him I had found it.  Relief and then a prayer of gratitude. (Miracle #10)

I’m almost to the bottom of the hill when I see another woman walking towards me.

“Did you find a phone?” She called.

I walked a few more feet so we were in talking distance and I asked her what her phone looked like.  She responded with the exact description of the phone I had found on the mountain when looking for my phone.  I assured her it was safe in lost and found waiting for her!

Miracle #11:  She may have never found her phone if I hadn’t been looking for mine. I told her I had found it when I was looking for it.  The guy this woman was with quickly said, “no way!”

I don’t know all of the other little miracles that happened that day…from the young boy who found my phone…maybe that made a lasting impression on him…to the woman and man that were able to witness a miracle of their own as we literally crossed paths at that EXACT MOMENT! To even the resort employees that recognized me as I came back down the mountain and they couldn’t believe the exchange that had just happened moments earlier.

The ripple effects that each of those miracles made is again a miracle in and of itself. (Miracle #12)

Miracle #13 I have a reminder on my phone each day as I pick it up and rub my finger over the small gash in my gel case.  To remember that miracles are present everywhere and that I believe that my attitude and positive outlook, lack of worry and fear AND the prayer in my heart had EVERYTHING to do with whether or not I would have found my phone that day, in perfect condition. It is a daily reminder to me; miracles are a choice.  A choice to see, to hear, to do and experience.


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Week 19: Guest Blog-Darren Neilson

One of the amazing things that I have loved about my masterkey experience as a member and as a guide is for the opportunity to meet and connect with such amazing people!  You soon realize how connected we truly are. There is an energy-a divine energy that is apart of each of us.  We are all part of a greater whole, a greater journey, a greater purpose.

I met Darren two years ago in 2014. Since then he has been making leaps and bounds in greater a brighter more purposeful life. Because of that he has had the opportunity to also change others lives as well.

I mean, isn’t that really the bigger meaning of life? It reminds me of a song I grew up singing in primary,

“Have faith, have hope, live like His Son. Help others their way.”

I’m so grateful for others that have helped me and supported me on their way.  Like Darren says in his post, “We reap what we sow is mathematically correct!”

Mahalo Darren-Enjoy reading his post! Check out more of Darren’s posts:

We Reap What We Sow is Mathematically Exact!

That which we reap is what we sow is mathematically exact. We gain permanent strength exactly to the extent of the effort required to overcome difficulties.

We Reap what we sowI have been given eyes to see and a mind to think and now I know a great secret of life for I perceive, at last, that all my problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise. I will no longer be fooled by the garments they wear for mine eyes are open. I will look beyond the cloth and I will not be deceived.  ‘Og Mandino’

Week 15 MasterKey Experience  Q & A

1. What determines the degree of harmony
which we attain? Our ability to appropriate what
we require for our growth from each experience.

2. What do difficulties and obstacles indicate?
That they are necessary for our wisdom and
spiritual growth.

3. How may these difficulties be avoided? By a
conscious understanding of and cooperation with
Natural laws.

4. What is the principle by which thought
manifests itself in form? The Law of Attraction.

5. How is the necessary material secured by
which the growth, development and maturity of
the idea take form? The law of love, which is the
creative principle of the Universe, imparts
vitality to the thought, and the law of attraction
brings the necessary substance by the law of

6. How are desirable conditions secured? By
entertaining desirable thoughts only.

7. How are undesirable conditions brought
about? By thinking, discussing and visualizing
conditions of lack, limitation, disease, inharmony
and discord of every kind. This mental
photography of erroneous conceptions is taken up

by the subconscious and the law of attraction will
inevitable crystallize it into objective form. That
we reap what we sow is scientifically exact.

8. How can we overcome every kind of fear,
lack, limitation, poverty and discord? By
substituting principle for error.

9. How may we recognize principle? By a
conscious realization of the fact that Truth
invariably destroys error. We do not have to
laboriously shovel the darkness out; all that is
necessary is to turn on the light. The same
principle applies to every form of negative

10. What is the value of Insight? It enables us to
understand the value of making application of
the knowledge which we gain. Many seem to
think that knowledge will automatically apply
itself, which is by no means true.

To every man there openeth a way, And the high
soul climbs the high way, And the low soul
gropes the low; And in between on the misty
flats, The rest drift to and fro. But to every man
there openeth A high way and a low And every
man decideth The way his soul shall go.

On the Home Front

We Reap what we sow

Thing just keep getting better and better. I know I know some will say BS but it’s the the truth. As one door closes others open. Just yesterday I recieved an email from my MLM company telling me I have to pull down my domain page as it was in violation of compliance. Well no biggy, I pulled it down and moved on. Today I went to a practise with a long time friend and band mate. WOW I such a great time playing and other doors were opened for me. It was the first time I was EVER able to sing and play without mic shyness. I told my friend that I was a mountain and not a grain on sand and that I would be singing a few songs. He was stunned to say the least. I sang with great voice and confidence of a seasoned veteran. He also is now following my MKMMA journey in his own way with the “Strangest Secret 30 day journey By Earl Nightingale”  My sons are beginning to follow my directions better and better without long drawn out button pushing episodes. My Wife wants to start a 30 day journey as well. Life is getting better and better. Till next week I hope your life with be filled with love and inspirations.

Be Blessed – Darren

Week 17a-Hero’s Journey

I was introduced to something called “The Hero’s Journey” a couple of years ago.  What I didn’t realize then that I know now is that this journey is something that has been around since the beginning of time and it’s a part of all of us! Have you ever wondered why people love watching movies so much?  It’s because any uplifting, quality film is going to have this same series of steps scripted out over and over again.  Or, think about the Olympics…people that haven’t ever played a sport in their life watch the Olympics for hours a day because it represents someone doing something heroic in their lives. Somehow even if we don’t really understand it we are drawn to it. It represents the ability to dream, to do, to overcome!Inspiring-greatness-in-others

What I just found out is that each and every day we wake up and in each and every moment we make one of two choices:

To take the hero’s journeyhero's journey


Resist the call!

A wise man once said, “Society isn’t set up to keep the weak from winning but the weak from losing!” Conformity and mediocrity!

Most people conform to what society thinks they should do. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood most people become brainwashed by those we call “they”.  People lose the ability to think and be inspired for themselves-to listen to that intuitive voice that says,

You are nature’s greatest miracle!

–So Act Like it!

People need to stop living someone else’s life and live the life that God, Omnipotence and the Universe wants for them.

It kills me how many times I hear:

If only I had….


I alway wanted to…..

lighted-pathway-226668We have ideas and inspirations that come to us but for whatever reason whether fear of failing, insecurities about ourselves or it is just down right hard and seems impossible, we decide to stop listening to those dreams and sooner than later those inspirations stop popping into our heads and we live life thinking that mediocrity is better than reaching for the stars and missing. That it’s okay if we watch someone else live their dream on TV and that it will be good enough to watch them do it.

Some people have realized that this is scarce mindset, SLOTHFUL, selfish and downright lazy!

I’m not saying it is always easy being a hero in your own personal way and life… in fact listening to that little voice can be very difficult and hard sometimes. It might mean being unpopular or getting uncomfortable. I KNOW it means getting involved in learning new skills and stretching ourselves beyond what we thought possible, practicing, yes I know lots of that! But I don’t think there is anyone on the other side of a journey or taking a step out into the unknown that ever said, “Boy, I wish I wouldn’t have taken the ride”life ride

This masterkey experience has been phenomenal for me and it doesn’t matter how many times I go read or go through it…I’m always learning and expanding…because life is about the journey. Some people get excited to find out that there are simple skills and activities that can make finding your ideal journey a reality. If this is you you might be the type of person that wants to click this link and find out more about the MK experience and take your own journey in Fall 2017-but then you again you might not!

Mahalo and inspire!






Week 16: It’s Kindness Week Baby!

If you give a little love you can get a little love of your own!

This week all over the world as a Masterkey Mastermind Alliance group we have come together to give a little love and make the world a more beautiful place. Nothing new, nothing different from what has been done for thousands of years. So why is it so special when a large group of people come together in one unified purpose to love kindness2without expectation of reciprocity?  Maybe it’s because one act of kindness or one moment of secrete service can turn into hundreds, thousands, millions when we become part of the greater whole…the bigger picture.  All of the sudden that small little act becomes a domino in a wave of change. Everybody wants to be apart of something…
something bigger than themselves because it’s part of who we are inside.

We’ve hit over 5,000 RAKS (random acts of kindness) already and it will continue to grow.  From Belgium and France, to Hawaii, Utah, Boston, Florida, Philippines and everywhere in between.

And really it is who we are. love-2

The law of attraction,

The law of growth,

The law of giving

It’s the law of love!

Week 15: Why New Year Resolutions Don’t Work!

This time last year I was introduced to an audio recording that I had never heard before.  It’s below for your application.  40 minutes that could be the first step to you realizing why new year resolutions don’t work and why it takes persistence (purpose+positivefunny-new-years-resolutions mental attitude+plan of action+mastermind) my friends to accomplish goals.  I’ve been in the fitness industry for over a decade; training, teaching classes, nutritional planning, health coaching and I’ve seen the waxing and waning of the “new year-new you” craze.


Don’t get me wrong it is wonderful to see so many new committed people at the gym…. during the month of January…. or the person that makes the commitment to eat more fruits and vegetables goes and fills the fridge full of fruits and vegetables that they can’t even pronounce and they wonder why they end up dumping all that money literally down the garbage disposal the next week after they haven’t touched one bit of it!  Most people have the “desire” to make change in their lives but are caught up in a swirling cyclone of what the world and society thinks we should want to change in our lives instead of turning that focus inward on the cause the result or effect. Year after year January comes and we self sabotage as we go through the motions every year of setting goals and training ourselves deep down to know that we “probably” aren’t going to follow through with them.  What is the deal!? We’ve already lost with that type of attitude!

funny-new-years-resolution-cute-catEverybody knows we do what is familiar…even it if is a detrimental habit to ourselves and those around us…because change is hard. Well, I’m here to tell ya that IT CAN BE DIFFERENT! You can be familiar with being motivated and setting and accomplishing goals.  This short little audio is something you can listen to in the car, while you take that walk that you said you would take at least 3xs per week or while you eat your apple you promised you’d eat every day or use the weight bench that has served so well as a laundry rack for years. Your choice…it’s not a secret, it isn’t magic…just the first step to awareness and a greater understanding of ourselves and principle to live by!


Week 14: You’re First Class, Made by First Class, So Act Like It!

My understanding and knowledge that my life is a miracle and that there is a purpose to that life has grown 10xs over the past year. When I was a youth I had a church leader, mentor and dear friend tell me multiple times “You are first class and deserve first class”. Over a decade later these words were repeated and expanded upon during the Master Keys Course that I’m apart of . Can I just tell you how crazy fun it is to learn and grow , expand your knowledge and to discover everyday!!!!! you-are-a-miracle

Not only are each of us first class…we were made first class, by first class, which makes us first class and therefore gives us the ability if we do the work to create more “first class” in our lives-So act like it!

It comes back to the pure and simple foundation of principles that our thoughts are seeds and we reap what we sow-what we think about grows!

If we spend our days thinking that the miracle of our lives ended at our entrance into this world than you are just dead wrong…but that is the thing about thoughts…therein lies the rub!

Are you living your life first class? Are you living up to that birth right that was given to you?

I love watching inspiring movies where individuals figure out their miraculous abilities and divine opportunities.  Over the holidays as a family we watched a good one, October Sky.  It’s been years since I watched this movie. In fact a few more than I anticipated when I realized how long it has been since that movie came out. My knowledge on principle has grown… so has my extreme excitement when I watch good movies….Just as the characters in this movie were heroes in their lives we can be to! octobersky

Homer found a definiteness of purpose in his life- building rockets and science. Through many challenges and tests to keep a positive mental attitude he was able to formulate a working plan of action.  I believe this is where many of us fall short.  We have ideas, dreams, we have desires…but without a working plan of action they will NEVER come to fruition.

Homer and his buddies soon became known as “The Rocket Boys”. Together and with the help of Miss Riley and others in the community that believed in them they created this huge network of what’s called a master mind alliance.  Nobody makes it alone!

I didn’t understand this until I became a part of a true mastermind.  To have at least one other person in perfect harmony with your dream and goal, that has a burning desire to see that come to be just as much as you, someone to bounce ideas off of, cry with to take part in this journey…it’s so priceless and so necessary. So grateful for my understanding now of the power that comes from forming that type of an alliance.  The even more beautiful thing is that as you find that piece of the puzzle in your own life you realize how many masterminds you have the opportunity to be a part of!

God and yourself, your marriage, your children, your business partners, friends, church groups etc.  When based on harmony and LOVE this alliance becomes unstoppable!

These four things; a major purpose, positive mental attitude, plan of action and an alliance of efforts from others to form a mastermind is what I’ve found in my life to be the key to success and the key to persisting in moments of challenge.

I’ve come to realize that just like October Sky, I’m making my own movie.  There is some good news and some bad news here.

The good news is…

I write the script and the bad news is…

I write the script!

I’ve decided that my life is worth making better every day- there is good and greatness to be made each and every single day because I’m first class!


“Dad, I may not be the best, but I’ve come to believe that I got it in me to be somebody in this world. And it’s not because I’m so different from you either, it’s because I’m the same. I mean, I can be just as hard-headed, and just as tough. I only hope I can be as good a man as you. Sure, Wernher von Braun is a great scientist but he isn’t my hero. “  -Homer Hickam, October Sky

It’s heroic to make change in your life-Find out more about the masterkey mastermind alliance-get on the early bird list for the next course in 2016 here!

Week 13: Who are the Dreamers?

It has been wonderful to have so much time with my family and loved ones over the past several days…even more so the “little humans” in my life.  There is such wisdom and truth in their tiny little bodies.  As I have watched my children I have realized that I need to become a dreamer like them.  I love what Charles Haanel says about dreamers.  I strive to be this person, to be a dreamer to me all of these things wrapped up into one can be seen through the eyes of a child!

horne family-8

“They are the architects of greatness, their vision lies within their souls, they peer beyond the veils and mists of the doubt and pierce the walls of unborn Time.  Makers of Empires, they have fought for bigger things than crowns and higher seats than thrones.  Your homes are set upon the land a dreamer found.  Te pictures on its walls are visions from a dreamer’s soul.  They are the chosen few-the blazers of the way.  Walls crumble and Empires fall, the tidal wave sweeps from the sea of tears and and fortress from its rocks.  The rotting nations drop off from Time’s bough, and only things the dreamer’s make live on.”